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Submitted on
May 24, 2007


  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Days of The New - Yellow Album
  • Reading: Ultimate V2 #13 (!!!!!)
  • Watching: Spider-Man 3
  • Playing: Stacko
  • Eating: Hershey's Chocolate
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Well, here it starts.
The idea of start writing on this Journal has growing up on my mind by the last months and now I think I found the perfect moment to do it:

Last week several comics sites has announced the new DC series "Countdown to Adventure", a space saga starring Adam Strange, Animal-Man and Starfire, characters that appears in some issues of the maxi "52". Starting a new partnership with the extremely talented brazilian penciler Eddy Barrows… , I'll be the responsible one by inking this book, as it will be my very first job for one of the "two-big-ones" publishers of USA.
This one seems to be a great professional opportunity and I'm very excited with all this.

I adjourn start to write here till today for a lot of reasons:

• Anyone at this moment can see that my English isn't really good, so make it readable take me a lot of time and make me frustrated for some times, as I just can't express myself as well as I do in Portuguese. I know some artists prefer write on their birth idiom, but I consider a respect question, as this site's official language is English, so I'll keep writing in English, although not as well as I would like to.

• I wasn't really sure that my professional matters (at least the ones I can share) will be interesting for someone. Honestly, I'm not sure yet.  But I think coming in DC make bigger my chances to get some feedback on this, and this is why I choose NOW.

• My new job's schedule is very precise, so now I'm sure that I'll can find this same time next week to update the journal. Working as freelancer for various projects never let me to plan my time with precision. For now, it's over! ;)

• Blogs and similar stuff are excellent popularity measuring tools for artists, so I hope I'll might feel what other people, professional artists and fans think about my artwork, and use it to keep growing up artistically.

• This is a new world for me, and I hope my experiences on this new phase at my career could be in some way helpful to other aspirant artists which faces similar situations.

OK! So, the Journal. :)

It may seem a little messy because I won't elaborate a bio or any kind of chronological storytelling. The new facts appears as they occurs, but old ones shall be shown as flashbacks in a linear narrative, most of times emphasizing an actual subject.

A briefed story of the events that culminate on today's state: Eddy was unsatisfied with the inkers which he was working with. He penciled several issues of "52" and "All-New Atom" last year without a fix inker and he noted it was making his artwork "inconsistent".

One interesting fact about Eddy: I used to attend to a place called "Estudio HQ" when I was in the college, in 1997. Once time this place was a kind of met point of comic-book-artists-wannabes in my city, Belo Horizonte. One September or October afternoon on that year I took myself to the "Estudio HQ" for no particular reasons, and  I meet a new guy, came from Para, a state on the other side of the country, who showed me a set of amazing draws, fulfilled of great anatomic heroes poses, several caricatures painted on watercolors and some comic pages. After a quick presentation, he suddenly asked me with a strong northern accent something I wasn't quite sure how to answer: "Do you know inking?" On that afternoon I helped Eduardo Barros, or Eddy Barrows as he's called now on the American comics market,  to end the inking of some pages he intended (but never did ) to send to a concourse. And as I got a new friend, I also inked for the first time over another pencils but mine, never dreaming I'd become a professional inker someday.

Well, a few months ago Eddy called inviting me to try some sample pages inking over his pencils. After 3 months and 3 pages, I was in.

Actually my first job on DC was 6 fill-in pages to Checkmate! #14, released a few days ago, but the letterers (or the editor, I don't really know) forgot to put my name on the credits. Never mind: these are a kind of good pages, but not the best. Also, this book was all done in about 2 weeks, so its quality just could not be the hightest. Next stuff promises to be too much more interesting!

On May, 3rd I received the notice that Eddy and I were called by the editor Eddie Berganza to assemble to the excellent writer Adam Beechen on the new title "Countdown to Adventure". We already have 3 pages completed (and Eddy didn't restrained himself on these ones :)) for the first issue. I'm inking all digitally on Corel Painter IX and Adobe Photoshop CS2 and I'm very happy because it seems all the team likes the result. I really hope it might keep happening ;).

Now I'm going out for a relaxing weekend and from Monday to ahead my goal is to track it on a good production rhythm, obviously keeping the quality. Let's see how it moves on.

So is this! End of the first D.A. Journal post. Briefly, who and where I am and how I came to here.^^

Oh, and now I have the answer for that Eddy's question from 1997: I still have a lot to learn, but I finally can say that "I do!" ;)

Stay fine, folks!

man that's real cool!!!

congrats about everything and for the new time to be able to write here!
WadeFurlong May 24, 2007  Professional Traditional Artist
Congrats mate!;)

Now I need to get stable income.......
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